A family life, making high quality furniture!
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                      Founded in 2000,Ningbo Hemei Furniture Co.,Ltd. is the professional manufacturer in the line of producing and exporting outdoor furniture,leisure furniture, garden & patio furniture.

                      Our company has the advanced producing equipments, possess a lot of professional workpeople that we could offer you the excellent products with competitive price. If you're looking for the quality supplier for the above mentioned products, please do not hesitate to contact with us. Thanks.
                      The company has advanced production equipment, professional technical personnel and strict quality management system, in good faith management, high quality and good price principle to provide customers...

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                      Ningbo Hemei Furniture Co. Ltd.
                      Factory address :Yinzhou District Tong Xi Zhen Qin Shi Tang Ningbo City
                      Office address: 21 floor, block A, Yinzhou District and state building, Ningbo 2103
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